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Available Items

Available Items

Apple Butter

This will taste great on a biscuit 9 oz
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$5.009 oz

Blueberry Jam

I provide the best quality and tasty blueberry …
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$6.008 oz

Sugarless Apple Butter

Apple butter made without sugar, made with grape …
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Rasberry Jam

8 oz jar good for berry lovers
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Excellent Jams Store in Columbus

Hello and Welcome to Queen's Pantry! My name is Regina Smith and I am a sous chef at a high-end restaurant in Ohio. I am passionate about cooking, baking, and canning. I grew up in Hungary where we had a large garden and lots of fruit trees. This is where my passion began. My pantry was always full of homemade ...

All Homemade

My homemade jams are made in small batches with lots of love! A perfect addition to your family breakfast, delicious dishes, and even mixed drinks! Follow me on Instagram!


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Digital Gift Card

Digital Gift Card

Now it's available to buy digital gift card from my shop.It's the perfect gift for friend,family,co workers, no over thinking what jam …
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The pineapple habanero grilling sauce is not only delicious it is sodium free. My husband is on a low sodium diet and this is the only grilling...  Read more
Dec 12, 2021
I used the pineapple habanero grilling sauce on a seared and broiled salmon. It came better than I could have imagined, because it tastes better...  Read more
Aug 30, 2021
Jacob Bergdall

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